Saturday, April 28, 2012

Existential Crisis (Part 3)

When I got back from Denver the first person I talked to was Jackie, who graciously picked me up from the airport. I got a chance to talk to her about a lot of different things. It was a really awesome conversation actually. We got to know each other differently in our two hour car ride.

I talked to Jackie about my conversations with people. She was surprised by how moved I was by some of the conversations. She was surprised because she said she had been telling me so much of it all along...

Jackie also mentioned something profound, and I of course forgot...

The next conversation I had was with Bryan Throckmorton. Bryan was a good person to talk to, because in a lot of ways Bryan doesn’t really care about art... I don’t mean that in a bad way. It is just the way Bryan is. He read his first fiction series this last year.

Before I decided to publish this blog I asked Bryan if I could say that he doesn’t like art. He reluctantly agreed... He wanted me to be clear that he doesn’t lose sleep over art, but doesn’t want it to leave schools.

What came from Bryan’s conversation actually had nothing to do with art, but more to do with wants. Bryan talked about a book called quitter, by Jon Acuff. Basically what I got from Bryan is that we should incorporate the things we want to do in everyday life, talk about them with co-workers, friends... I’m not sure where all of that is ends up going, perhaps I should read the book...

The last conversation that is relevant to this blog came in kind of late in the game. It was an excellent time for me to have this conversation because I felt like everything was wrapping up, and this last conversation was the final adjustment to my new course of thinking.

My final conversation (in relationship to this blog) was with DJ Shultz. I was kind of surprised this conversation happened. I say that because I wasn’t expecting DJ to read my blog, and was pleasantly surprised when he asked me after church if we could meet up and talk about it.

DJ had one thing to say:

It was the perfect time for him to say it.

DJ said “human beings are spiritual beings and art is our connection to the spiritual world.”

To Be Concluded

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  1. Andrew,

    Sometime soon, I'm hoping, you'll get through this "existential crisis" because the word "existential" is profoundly difficult for me to pronounce. Every attempt is like a cork screw to the Broca's motor speech area of my brain and forces me to barrel roll into aphasia for thirty seconds or so.

    So, give it some thought.