Thursday, July 14, 2011

The difference between a song writer and a composer.

When I was still in school I wrote this, for some reason I never posted it.
I am working on the last section of the unfortunate side, but it is taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

A composer wants to redefine what music is.
A songwriter wants to show you what music is to them.

I had a conversation with my Composition teacher about how I feel like the classical world has isolated itself from culture and is now irrelevant to everyday people.
She told me that composers didn’t do it on purpose, that new ideas had to come forth because it is what composers need to do. Composers need to be creative, they need to constantly be growing or else they are just doing what everyone else has already done.

Perhaps my definition is wrong, but as I am sitting in class I am thinking about this composer we are talking about named Oliver Messiaen. Messiaen made an entirely new music language that he wrote a book about. Fred, the teacher for the class went into some detail about some aspects of his language, he had a very specific form that he consistently wrote for.

I believe that being creative for the sake of being creative is meaningless, but I also believe that refusing to try anything new in any art form is meaningless. Art in my opinion needs to be a strong balance of the two.

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